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リヴァモア・ヴァレーにおけるワイン生産の先駆者はC.H.ウェンテとジェームズ・コンキャノンで、この地でのブドウ栽培を確信し、1880年代にブドウを植えました。このふたつの歴史あるワイナリーは現在も良質のワインを生産しています。 検索する →
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The Science of Wine & Food Pairing

Thursday, January 1

Concannon Vineyard, Livermore

Are you hungry and thirsty for a great evening out? The kind that can lead to a story worth telling later on?

Cost: $60-70

Address & Location:
Concannon Vineyard, 4590 Tesla Road, Livermore, CA

Phone: (925) 456-2505


Details: Expect the unexpected in these interactive, engaging and educational wine classes with Concannon Vineyard Estate Sommelier, LeeAnn Kaufman. What makes a great wine and food pairing? Balance between the taste of the wine and the ingredients in the dish. Learn the complex science and fundamentals behind pairing wine with food while having fun and breaking rules!