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Mendocino County

霧に閉ざされた冷涼なメンドシーノ・カウンティは、世界に現存する最も高い樹木で知られる、樹高112メートルにも及ぶコースタル・レッドウッドの故郷。メンドシーノ・カウンティの60%はこのレッドウッドの森に覆われており、その合間を縫ってブドウ畑が広がっています。 検索する →

Mendocino County wineries

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Events in Mendocino County

Frey Organic Wine Virtual Tasting

Wednesday, September 30

Frey Vineyards, Ltd., Redwood Valley

Join Frey in celebrating 40 years of Organic Certification this year! Frey Virtual Organic Kwaya Wine Tasting

Cost: $70 plus shipping

Address & Location:
Frey Vineyards, Ltd., 14000 TOMKI ROAD, Redwood Valley, CA

Phone: (800) 760-3739



Details: Eco Farm Rolling Virtual Wine Tastings begin in September 2020! Kickoff event with Frey Vineyards 9/30/20! Hosted by: Eliza Frey, assistant winemaker & Nicky Coachman-Robinson, founder of Kwaya Wines Frey will be featuring Organic, No Sulfites added, Vegan & Gluten Free Kwaya Wines. Using Hopin’s sophisticated virtual venue, Eco Farm will host similar monthly interactive tastings for wineries to present their brand’s unique winemaking stories, philosophies & sustainability practices. For details and to register in advance visit: and Kwaya is the Hausa word for “seed”. Hausa is one of the most common African languages spoken in Nigeria, Ghana, and much of North Africa. Frey is donating 5% of all Kwaya proceeds to Bridges of Hope, Nicky’s alma mater in Georgia.